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In Trophy Club, summertime is brutal, and without a working air conditioner, you can not only be uncomfortable but be causing harm to your home and body. Brothers Air Conditioning is a trusted and honest HVAC company in Trophy Club. If you search for a new system or a fast repair, call us to get the job done. We never jump corners, and we promise long-lasting results to keep your home comfortable. 

Saving Money 

The summer and winter months are not only hard on your unit but also on your energy bills. Did you know that your air conditioning and heating system can make up over 70% of your energy bill? Please read the following tips to help lower your energy bill. 

  1. Turn your AC Up- Maybe your home stays at 74 degrees, or maybe you prefer a 68-degree home. The difference in a few degrees can cost you a lot of money because the lower the temperature, the longer and harder your system has to be running to cool. We suggest that you try to turn up your AC a few degrees in the summer and lower it a few in the winter to save some run time. We also suggest adding a programmable thermostat to your home. You can set parameters to allow your home temperature to increase while you are at work/school and then start to cool down before you get back. Why cool your house when nobody is home?
  2. HVAC Maintenance- Maintaining your air conditioning system can save you thousands of dollars and keep your system running much longer. When you do not maintain your unit, it will build up grime and stop running efficiently, leading to higher bills and costly repairs. Brothers AC offers annual maintenance agreements in Trophy Club to relieve the stress from maintaining your unit. After scheduling, our technicians will arrive at your house twice a year to inspect, clean, and lubricate your Trophy Club air conditioner. 
  3. Change your filters- Overtime, a filter collects dust, germs, and pollutants in your air. If you do not change your filters, it will block the airflow, which will decrease efficiency and cause your unit to freeze. 

These easy steps should help you save money, but if your home is still uncomfortable and the energy bills are high, you may need to consider a new air conditioner. 

Trophy Club AC Repair & Heating Service

Signs you need to Replace Your Air Conditioner

  1. Electric Bill is Increasing- The first sign that you could notice is that your electric bill is starting to rise. The rising bills should alert you that your AC is running inefficiently and could lead to a breakdown.
  2. Your HVAC System is old- Whether you bought your house new or existing, check to see how old your unit is. If it is 12+ years old, you could be needing a replacement very soon. Call us today, and through model numbers, we can help find out how old your unit is and see if you need an air conditioner replacement in Trophy Club. 
  3. It's Getting Hot Inside- The easiest way to diagnose a unit is if it can not keep your home comfortable. If you call us at (972) 242 -1000, we would love to help give you an AC repair in Trophy Club, but our technician may conclude that a repair would be more costly than purchasing a new unit. If so, we will always give you our honest feedback and breakdown the cost associated with the air conditioner being repaired or replaced.

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