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Even if the scorching hot temperatures have not come yet, you should not wait to get an AC Repair in Keller, TX. Putting it off until summer will lead to more costly repairs and longer wait times because everyone else in the area is calling. Take the time to schedule an appointment today so you can have your air conditioner working at peak efficiency when the 105-degree day comes. Below are a few ways that you can know if you need an air conditioner repair in Keller. 

  1. Your AC Unit is Older than Six Years: The typical lifespan for an air conditioning unit is a little over a decade, but without routine maintenance, you will only reap the benefits of half this time. You can do many things for your system, such as changing filters, cleaning your condenser coil, and removing debris from around the unit, but we highly recommend a yearly check-up. 
  2. The AC Unit Sounds Like it is Working Harder: If you notice sounds starting to become louder in your unit or if new sounds are beginning to occur. It is never a bad idea to have your system serviced because it could end up costing you a lot of money. Sometimes a fan motor can shift and start scarping a unit, or a piece of debris is jammed. 
  3. Your Home is still Uncomfortable: You may prefer your thermostat to be set at 74 degrees or 68 degrees, but either way, your system should be able to keep up. Common problems with this issue are a bad thermostat, leaking refrigerant, or the system being sized improperly by another contractor. Our technicians are experts, will find the problem, and give you expert advice!
  4. The Airflow Is Not as Strong:  The next time you change the filter in your attic, turn your thermostat down and go to one of the diffusers in your home to make sure that a cool draft is coming out. The air should be blowing as strong as it always has and should be able to cool the room down at a decent rate.

If the system is not blowing as strong, the first thing you can do is check to see if there are any kinks in your ductwork in the attic, and nothing is blocking the airflow. If everything is in good shape, then it may be time for an AC Repair in Keller. 

Heater Repair in Keller

Winters in Texas can be mild or can be very cold, but we should always be sure that our heater is working safely. If it breaks down on a cold winter night, give us a call for a fast heater repair in Keller. 

We also specialize in doing annual heater maintenance to help our customers avoid future costly repairs and make sure their units are safe to operate in the winter. After signup, one of our representatives will call you in the fall to schedule a visit at your convenience. In this visit, a technician will come to your home, inspect your furnace, make sure it is clean, and do an initial startup. The furnace can make up a large part of your energy bill, and often homeowners will see a spike due to the additional energy needed to heat a home. 

Does your old furnace need a replacement? It is never a good idea to try and install a furnace by yourself. You will need technicians who know how to properly install a unit and ensure that everything is working safely and correctly.

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