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If you live in Garland, TX, dealing with high temperatures is nothing new to you. In the DFW area, temperatures can reach over 105 degrees during a heatwave. One of your top priorities is keeping your home cool by maintaining your air conditioning unit and keeping it healthy during the scorching summer heat. By using Brothers for annual heating and AC Repair in Garland, TX, you can keep your AC unit running efficiently through many summers to come. 

There are many reasons that you can experience variations in your home comfort, but we would like to share a few helpful tips for our customers. 

Stay Hydrated

When your home is hot, the first step is to start to rehydrate your family. The water temperature does not matter, but what is the amount of fluid you all consume. We recommend keeping bottled water on hand for air conditioning breakdowns mid-summer.

Use Fans and Buckets of Ice If Needed

 Another tip to help your family feel cooler is to keep the air in your home moving. You can turn on all the ceiling fans in your home and use box fans if you have them on hand. To produce cold air, you can place a bucket of ice in front of your box fan. It is hard to say how long the ice will last but, when you call Brothers for a fast AC repair in Garland, TX, you will not have to wait long. 

Take a Cool Shower 

Circulating the air in your home and drinking water is best used when your air conditioner breaks during mild temperatures. You may need an AC repair in Garland in the middle of summer due to poor AC maintenance. If you need to cool down fast, we recommend that you take a cool shower and let the water run on the back of your neck. You will be as cool as when you jump in the lake on a hot summer day, and if you have called us for a Garland air conditioner repair, we will not be long!

Air Conditioning Maintenance 

The best way to keep your home cool is to do bi-annual maintenance. Some homeowners may want to try and do their annual cleaning by themselves. A cleaning involves inspecting your indoor and outdoor air conditioning coils, checking for wear, clearing the condensate drain, etc. At least once a year, you should have a certified professional come to your home in Garland to do an AC Inspection. Our certified technicians know how to take care of any HVAC system of any brand. If we come to your home, they will thoroughly inspect your AC system, check your pressures, look for leaks, and do the more intricate mechanical parts. 

A small fee for a certified technician can save you lots in costly repairs and inconvenience if it breaks in the middle of summer. With Brothers Air Conditioning's satisfaction guaranteed, you can rest easy knowing that you have called the best air conditioning contractor in Garland, TX, for your AC repair and maintenance. 

Call us today if you are not sure about the state of your air conditioning and heating system in Garland. Our office staff has decades of experience in troubleshooting and customer service. They can walk you through the basics of home maintenance, the air conditioning system, the refrigeration cycle, or your next steps in indoor air quality. We have technicians on standby for your air conditioning repair in Garland.

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