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Have you ever heard somebody say, "You need to add refrigerant"? That saying is associated with a refrigeration cycle in air conditioning systems such as your car or home. If you must "just add refrigerant," then there is a leak in your system. The cycle that the refrigerants circulate in an air conditioning system is a closed-loop system. Closed-loop means that the refrigerant should never be lost unless a leak or another contractor incorrectly set up your system. If you know that your system had sufficient refrigerant before it stopped working, then a leak could be the problem. Leaks must be found and fixed, or adding refrigerant to your system will do no good and can add pollutants into your home. Our certified technicians know how to detect a leak and fix it properly. 

If your system is not cooling, call Brothers Air for AC Repair in Grand Prairie.

Types of Leaks

There are two types of leaks that can occur in your air conditioning system. Leaking refrigerant or leaking water. Whether you have signed up for our annual maintenance agreement or do your maintenance, you should always check for unusual amounts of water and hissing noises near your unit. Leaks are an early warning sign of significant problems in your air conditioner.

AC Refrigerant Leak 

Other than a loss of cooling in your system, there are a few more ways to discover if your AC system in Grand Prairie is leaking. The most obvious is if your system has a hissing noise that is coming from it. The sound can be heard at the indoor unit or on the outside unit. The sound is made from a small hole where the gas is seeping out. The next is if your evaporator coil is frozen over. The evaporator coil is located in the interior of your home, usually in your attic. If you ever see a frost build up on the copper lines entering the furnace in your attic, be sure to shut off your AC and call Brothers Air Conditioning. If there is an insufficient refrigerant level in your evaporator coil, it will not adequately absorb the heat, resulting in condensation on the coil to freeze. A frozen coil could lead to your system needing a new compressor. 

Grand Prairie AC Repair & Heating Service

Water Leak

The frozen evaporator coil can also cause you to have a water leak in your home. A water leak in your attic is terrible because it will eventually leak down to your ceiling. The sheetrock or lay-in ceiling will absorb that moisture, which can cause mildew or fungus to grow. The sheetrock will have to be replaced and could never look the same. To not run into this problem, be sure to do annual maintenance, change your air filters, and turn off your unit if you see a frozen coil or copper line. 

The second case of a water leak can occur because the water pan that collects condensation from your evaporator coil has a crack in it. Instead of the pan guiding water into your condensate drain, it will end up falling onto the floor of your attic or into the emergency pan. At Brothers Air, we always will install an emergency drain pan in case this mishap occurs. Check to see if you have an emergency drain pan and switch in it. Some contractors do not install emergency switches or alternate emergency drain lines, which won't stop water spread until it damages your home. We want to help improve your home and care for it! If you are in the market for AC Repair or AC Maintenance in Grand Prairie, come to Brothers Air Conditioning Inc. 972-268-7872

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