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In addition to AC repair, AC services encourage routine maintenance for your system. If you do not keep up with your system's health, it could become less efficient and reliable. If you live in Cedar Hill, you want your air conditioner to work at peak performance for the summer's unexpected heat waves. 

Our technicians are the 5-star experts at Brothers Air that will provide fantastic service and assurance that your system runs at max efficiency. 

Cedar Hill AC Tune-Up

Most homeowners do not know that manufacturers recommend a professional tune-up at least once a year. Just like a car needs an oil change and an inspection, our air conditioner is a mechanical device that runs almost non-stop. You may not be inclined to call for air conditioning maintenance or consider the small charge every year, but it can save you thousands when a technician catches minor flaws. 

If you want to invest in the life of your AC unit, you can give us a call for a one-time service or sign up for an annual maintenance agreement in Cedar Hill. Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating is committed to ensuring that your air conditioner in Cedar Hill keeps your home cool in the summer and cozy during the winter. Our tune-up process includes checking refrigerant levels, a full system inspection, condenser cleaning, condensate drain clearing, and more. 

Our Team

Brothers Air Conditioning technicians are experts in their trade and will value their customers from the moment they meet them. 

Brothers' goal is to keep your unit running at optimal efficiency, which means that we need to employ certified individuals and give them proper on-sight training. Our pros are driven to provide same-day solutions from AC repairs & installations in Cedar Hill and commercial properties around DFW. Our office staff will be at your fingertips. They can give you expert advice on all the major brands of HVAC systems and help you with any questions. 

Why Pay for an Expert?

Many problems can occur if you do not pay for a professional HVAC contractor. We can list many circumstances where we have had to fix others' past work and talk about proper AC installations. We frequently run into problems from homeowners who have improperly sized HVAC systems in their homes. An AC unit should not be the largest that you can fit, but instead, it needs to conform to your home's specifications. An expert should consider insulation, square footage, number of windows, and location of the home. These can all play a role in how large your air conditioner needs to be to cool your home and run long enough to flush the humidity out of your house. Ill-trained contractors can charge you more for a larger unit that does not do the job correctly. 

Another circumstance can occur from a subpar installation. If a company employs technicians who do not have the proper training, they make mistakes that will lead to hefty AC repairs in the future. For example, when installing an air conditioner, there must be a condensate drain that removes all the air handlers' moisture in your attic. The condensate drain is typically a white PVC pipe. We have encountered a new installation that leaked water from the PVC pipe because the technician failed to slope it downward. 

Not all contractors are bad, but Brothers Air Conditioning has a satisfaction guarantee put into place, as well as a three-step verification process for all our new installations. We use the three phases to verify that our new installations are perfect for a technician inspection, an initial startup, and higher management certification. With three phases and multiple people checking off on a new system, we guarantee it is installed right the first time!

Call Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating for Cedar Hill AC installation, repairs, and heating!


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