Grapevine Air Conditioner Repair

Call your heating and cooling experts in Grapevine, TX at 972-268-7872 . We have technicians on call that are qualified to handle all parts of your air conditioning system to keep them running efficiently. Schedule your furnace or AC repair, maintenance, or AC installations with Brothers Air. We have been doing AC repairs and installations in Grapevine for over 30 years and are a trusted and reliable contractor in DFW. 

AC Repair Grapevine

The air conditioning and heating system is commonly the most considerable expense in North Texas energy bills. The system can add up to well over 50% of your bill if you do not have an efficient unit. After an initial installation, your unit is wearing down every day and becoming less efficient through wear and grime build-up. Waiting to fix problems can lead to costly repairs when they become significant issues.

If you need any maintenance or air conditioning repair in Grapevine, Brothers Air can handle any large or small job. We have professional technicians who are certified to work on all makes and models of units. 

Making immediate repairs to your air conditioning system will extend the life of your unit. Schedule your AC repairs in Grapevine by calling 972-268-7872 or using our online booking tool. 

Grapevine AC Tune-ups and Maintenance 

Air conditioner maintenance is a necessary step to keep your AC unit running for years to come. Homeowners often overlook AC units as one of their extensive investments. Like any mechanical machine, your unit will wear down over time. We suggest that a homeowner tune their system twice a year, in the spring and the fall, to check for wear and debris. It is great to see a homeowner learn to clean their system, but to check that your air conditioning system is working correctly, you need HVAC tools to check your unit's pressures. 

We have started a program that takes the stress of constant maintenance out of your life and ensures that you will get a longer life, better efficiency, and a full warranty period. Upon signing up for our annual maintenance program, one of our representatives will call you twice a year before the peak heating and cooling seasons. They will schedule a visit at your convenience, and a technician will show up on time to care for your home. 

The technician will wash the outdoor coil, clean all debris, inspect your unit, and alert you if there are any problems with your unit. Our program allows us to watch over your unit and catch minor issues that can cost you thousands down the road. If a problem occurs, we will have a representative call you to walk you through any additional cost and see the path you want to take. 

HVAC Inspections

 Are you purchasing a new home, or is your HVAC maintenance way past due? If the owner allows, we will come to any new home to give you peace of mind before purchasing. An air conditioner is a large part of your home, and if the owner just added refrigerant to the AC to make it look like the house cools, then you could be in for a very costly repair after your purchase. Our technicians know what to look for in homes for sale and will leak test the system, check for corrosion, make sure it is adequately charged, and the belts are not worn. As a third party in your new home purchase, we will give you honest feedback about your air conditioning and heating system in Grapevine. 

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