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The significant part of living in this day and age is the comfort we get, yet sometimes take it for granted. When we started Brothers HVAC 30 years ago, the air conditioning system was not as reliable and efficient as today's. However, air conditioners still break down, and it is only a matter of time before you experience it as a homeowner. The great part about being a homeowner and leasing your space is that you can choose the right contractor for the job. If you trust Brothers Air Conditioning to handle your AC repair, AC Installation, or heating repair in Roanoke, TX, we promise to fix the problem quickly and with reliability. 

We also want to inform our customers, so they know what is happening inside their homes. You may not be able to fix your air conditioner and will need to call an expert, but here are a couple of common problems. 

A Clogged Air Filter

The air filter is often a component of your air conditioning system that is looked over but can cause large-scale problems. An air filter's primary purpose is to grab pollutants, germs, dust, and dandruff from the air. We recommend that it is changed once a month to provide better indoor air quality for our customers. If it is not changed, it will build up what it has collected, which blocks the airflow you have in your home. A blockage of airflow is terrible for your home's comfort and is terrible for the efficiency and wear that it places on your blower motor. For example, if you run without a mask, then you will get tired over time, but if you wear a mask, then it could be much faster before you must stop. Please call us with any questions about your filter or if you need an AC repair in Roanoke. 

A Blocked Drain

The air handler in your attic should be equipped with a PVC pipe. That pipe is the drain and eliminates the excess condensation that occurs when your air conditioning system is cooling. Over time the drain pan inside your unit or the condensate drain can be blocked. 

When the drain gets clogged, it will have nowhere to go. If your air conditioner is still on, it will continue to create condensation that will have nowhere else to go but the floor of your attic. The overflowed water can drip down the sides of your walls, absorb into sheetrock, or cause electrical problems. 

Checking your drain regularly can help decrease the chances of a clogged drain, but never wait for your home to suffer. Call you AC Repair experts in Roanoke, TX, if you need to unclog a drain. 

Why do you need a heating and AC professional contractor?

Today, an enormous number of people have adopted the DIY trend or "Do It Yourself." We love to see people saving money and accomplishing goals, but a DIY AC repair can do more harm than good. Like most homeowners, you probably have only changed out a filter or adjusted a thermostat. The HVAC system is very complex and can take years to diagnose and fix issues properly. 

Our technicians all have over 15 years of experience and are certified to work on the units. It is essential to know that you can void your warranty and do more damage to your air conditioner by trying to save money. Many manufacturers will not accept a warranty if a qualified technician does not install it. 

There are many benefits to hiring a qualified contractor who has served the Roanoke community for over 30 years. Call us today for any AC Repairs or Air conditioner installations in Roanoke, TX 972-268-7872

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