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Dallas homeowners have trusted Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. to diagnose and repair their air conditioning and heating problems for over 30 years. If you read our reviews, you will know that Brothers is a highly respected name to our customers in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. If you live in Dallas, TX, and have any issues with your air conditioning or heating system, give Brothers Air Conditioning a call for a fast and friendly repair. We take pride in delivering reasonable rates, excellent customer service, and we can get your unit up and running in no time. Before winter, we offer an initial safety check and startup or can get your furnace up and running with a fast and easy repair. 

If you are an experienced homeowner or if you have done research into the life of your HVAC system, you likely know the importance of regular AC Maintenance on your Dallas, TX home. Others could be new homeowners, and we are here to help you learn about how vital it is to your AC system's health. Below is a list of the benefits of servicing your air conditioner regularly. 

  1. Lower energy costs- A well-maintained HVAC system is more efficient than one that is poorly maintained. The more efficient the AC system is, the less energy it needs to consume to cool or heat a space. 
  2. Reduced repair costs- By doing regular maintenance, you can generally discover small problems early before a major failure occurs. If you skip regular maintenance, you can miss minor issues that could lead to extensive, costly repairs in the future. 
  3. Longer lifespan of your system- Just like your car needs tune-ups to keep working, your AC system is no different. If you want to prolong its lifespan, your furnace should be tuned before winter, and your AC should be tuned in the spring. 
  4. Indoor Comfort- An air conditioning and heating system is most likely to break during the harshest conditions of the season. Maintenance often keeps the unit working correctly and reduces the strain on the unit. 

Dallas, tx AC repair

Dallas, TX Air Conditioner Maintenance

It is essential to have regular AC checks in the spring and fall as we prepare for the harsh condition that is common in Dallas TX. 

If you have been completing your biannual maintenance, problems can still occur, and it is a good idea to know about any warning signs that your HVAC system can have. Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. performs a handful of small and large AC repair projects in Dallas. Below are some of the reasons that you may need to call us for an AC Repair. 

  • The air conditioner not turning on
  • The air conditioner not blowing cold air
  • The air conditioner won't shut off when it reaches the thermostat set temperature
  • There is water in the pan below your AC 
  • Unheard of rattling coming from your air conditioner

It would be best to use experts for home improvements and repairs, such as a new air conditioner in Dallas, TX. Brothers Air Conditioning can save you time, money, and stress from the estimate until the follow-up. We pay attention to every detail from the AC inspection in Dallas and do not cut corners like some contractors. You can rest assured that your new air conditioner in Dallas will be installed properly. 

Don't trust any contractor who says they can do installs for cheap. We have been serving the Dallas community for over 30 years and hire technicians with experience and training. They will show up ready to work and will arrive on time. We're straightforward about the price of your air conditioning installation in Dallas and will treat your home like our own. At Brothers Air Conditioning, we emphasize having "Family Values that You Can Trust."

Contact us today in Dallas, TX, by calling 972-268-7872 or using our online form to schedule a service.

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