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How can you improve the indoor air quality in your Frisco home? The two basic strategies used to help are improved ventilation and air cleaners. 

Improving ventilation is a very cost-friendly and effective way to reduce your home's pollution from appliances or asbestos. If you have not already, you should watch out for appliances and have professionals remove any mold or asbestos from your home. If you have taken this step, then you should look at improving your means of fresh air. The simplest way is to open a window on a nice day to let your home breadth. It is also useful to open windows on opposite sides of the home to create a crosswind. If the day does not allow you to open a window, running the exhaust fan located in your home's bathrooms can increase your home's outdoor air ventilation rate.

Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating in Carrollton, TX, can also install an outside air intake into the return side of your furnace. The outside air intake will allow your air conditioning system to pull in a fair amount of outdoor air, filter it, remove the heat, and allow it to enter your home to offset the pollutants. An outside air ventilation system should be carefully thought and planned before being installed. The house's location and the location of where the pipe exits the sidewall of your home are critical. Call us today to talk to one of our expert representatives about your air quality. 

Frisco AC Repair & Heating Service

Another way to increase your home's air quality in Frisco is to upgrade the filter that you have in your furnace. There are four types of filters that you can have installed in your home:

  1. Flat Filter: typically used if you have a forced-air furnace, which is about 90% of new construction homes. It is made of fiberglass and needs to be changed very frequently. If too much dust collects on this filter, it can lead to low airflow, and your air conditioning system can freeze up. 
  2. Extended Media Filters: look the same as a flat filter but are about 3-4 times the thickness. These filters have an increased level of protection from any pollutants that have entered your home. If switching from a flat filter, these will need to be professionally installed because of the added thickness. Call Brothers Air, and we can give you an estimated price for your Frisco AC system.
  3. Electronic Filters: are also incorporated into the ductwork and add a better level of protection from pollutants. As air passes through the filter, a high voltage current will put an electric charge on particles. On the other side of the unit, an oppositely charged collector will pull the particles in like a magnet. Electronic filters tested to work over 25+ times better than flat filters. 
  4. Ultraviolet Filters are by far the best if you are worried about germs and viruses. In the last year, we have seen a spark of these filters installed to protect against COVID-19. Brothers Air Conditioning is a certified dealer for Lennox and sells and installs all their UV Germicidal Lights. These lights can be installed as add-ons and are not a whole new system in your home. Lennox reported that a UV germicidal light could reduce airborne microorganisms concentrations in your home by 50% in 45 minutes. 

Every family has different needs but, you can never have enough air filtration!

Call Brothers Air Conditioning Inc. if you want to increase your indoor air quality. We also offer AC Repairs & Installations in Frisco. 972-268-7872

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