Richardson Air Conditioning and Heating

When you need Richardson, TX AC repair and heating repair, you want more than your system just to run; you want it to be as reliable and efficient as possible. Getting a job like an AC repair can be a troubling and timely experience, and that is why you want to go with the crew that will do it right the first time! When you call Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating in Richardson, you will get the following benefits to help long after we depart. 

Energy Savings 

Keeping your unit working efficiently will give you savings on your electric bill throughout the year and prolong your unit's life. If you ever notice loud noises, issues with the thermostat, bad indoor comfort, or poor airflow, calling an AC specialist may be the best thing for you! If your Richardson home needs a new air conditioning or heating system, you can call us. We can recommend many units that are sized correctly for your home and will bring you the best energy saving for the cost. 

Reliable Heating Repair

When you call the professionals from Richardson, TX, for your heating repair or AC maintenance, you will be investing in a quality job done right. We know that the best way to keep our customers satisfied is to let our work speak for itself. Most of our business is from the word of mouth that our customers share with their friends and family. We are very grateful for our customers, and if you choose us to take care of your home, you will see reliability, care, and quality in our workmanship. 

Quality AC Repairs

Your air conditioning system may be something you never think about it and often take for granted until it breaks in the middle of summer. That is a worst-case scenario, and you never want your home's indoor comfort to distract you from your life's obligations. Do not try and push through the summer with an air conditioner that does not keep your home comfortable. Indoor comfort can decrease for many reasons, such as an undersized AC unit, doors not properly sealed, leaks in ductwork, or poor installation. Our technicians are experienced and check for all signs when they come for an inspection or  AC repair in Richardson. 

HVAC Rejuvenation

Before the hot summer days hit Richardson, TX, we offer an AC rejuvenation in the spring. An AC Rejuvenation is a visit from one of our trained and certified technicians, that will do a full inspection of your unit. They will check for a worn-out belt, dirty condenser and evaporator coils, dirty filters, clogged drain lines, and a pressure check. Once the initial inspection is completed, our technician will clean your coils, blow out your drains, and clean your system. There are two benefits to an annual spring inspection. First, it will allow your air conditioning system to run at its full potential. If there were a build-up of grime on the coils, filters, or vents, your system would have to work extra hard to cool your home. The grime will lead to higher electric bills and can result in a unit failure. The second reason is for us to catch refrigerant leaks and hopefully small repairs before they become drastic. If our technician finds any leaks or repairs needed, he will be open and honest to our customers to find out what they want to do. We will never hide any problems with you and will always be honest. A minor AC repair can save you thousands, and because we do our inspections in the Springtime, you should not have to worry about your system breaking down in the 105-degree days that will hit Richardson in mid-June.


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