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If you have recently moved or have lived in North Texas for very long, you probably love the city, but the hot summers can be miserable. Without the use of air conditioning, you can put your family, pets, and home at risk. When your air conditioning needs AC Repair in Highland Village, call Brothers Air Conditioning. We have served this community for over 30 years and have several technicians that live in your area. Our technicians are certified and trained to work on any make and model of the unit and give you a fast repair that lasts long. 

Maintenance is a vast subject that we love to talk about with our customers. Sometimes we find new homeowners who do not know the significance of air conditioning maintenance or are too busy. We offer annual maintenance agreements to make your life stress-free and keep your unit efficient and reliable for the harsh seasons. 

Do you change your filter regularly? If not, you should know that they are a simple component that can be very problematic if not changed. Below are some of the effects of a dirty air filter:

  1. The blower in your air handler has to work extra hard: This is because after you replace your air filter with a new one, the filter begins to catch all the nasty pollutants, dust, and germs in your home. All the air in your home will circulate through the air handler and eventually clog the filter. A clogged filter means added wear on your blower and higher energy bills!
  2. Your home will not be as comfortable: The clogged filter will block airflow and limit the amount of cool or heated air in the space. If your home does not cool fast enough, then the sensor that shuts off your AC will never shut the system down and work it until it fails. 
  3. The systems coils can freeze: Most houses have the air filter located before the blower pushes air through the evaporator coil. You run the risk of your coil freezing when the filter gets clogged with dirt and germs, which will stop airflow through the unit. If the coils do not have the proper amount of airflow running over them, they will get far too cold, and they will start to freeze. A frozen coil can lead to water leaks in your attic or a faulty compressor if not shut off. 

If you run into any of the following problems or need an AC repair in Highland Village, please call Brothers Air today 972-268-7872

When Should You Change Your Air Filter?

It is best to change your air filter every month, but changing it more frequently will never be an issue. Basic air filters are generally inexpensive, and you can lower the cost even more by buying in bulk. Some homes have upgraded filters that cost a few dollars more; they add extra protection from pollutants and usually are changed about once every three months. It is always good to check your unit's documentation to determine the appropriate size and the minimum MERV rating. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. A higher MERV filter will do a better job at collecting germs and dust, but if your air handler is not rated for the closer fibers, it can block airflow without any build-up. 

If you want to know more about changing your filters, annual maintenance, and air conditioning repair in Highland Village, call Brothers Air Conditioning for excellent customer service!

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